Inspiring Leaders to Lead Change

  • Hone your leadership radar: develop a high performing culture while learning to spot early stages of discontent while dealing with it efficiently, confidently and empathetically. 
  • Design and lead change while keeping your team motivated, encouraged, and engaged.
  • Learn how to lead change using TheDenise Method of “Change in 3D (Define/Design/Deliver).”
  • Become the leader that develops a culture where team members are encouraged to fail forward to produce exceptional work. 


  • Get out of your own way! When you’ve expended all of your gifts in your current role, it’s time to move on to make room for others and bring new leaders up. Move yourself and others into roles that challenge and grow your gifts! Denise shows you how. 
  • Learn how to build the confidence to speak up and bring your unique perspective to the table.
  • Transition from good manager to becoming the most fantastic leader you can possibly be.
  • Design, develop, and sustain a culture that embraces change and welcomes new possibilities and opportunities. 


  • Mentor, lead, and inspire others using your own unique, authentic gifts while bringing out the unique and authentic gifts of others.
  • How to be an indispensable asset to your company and your team, while creating a sustainable succession plan that empowers everyone involved: Be indispensable and make others indispensable at the same time!  
  • Discover, embrace, and amplify what makes you unique: Defining your “THE+ME”
  • Stand on your own power — rooted in your own authentic self — owning and leveraging the power of your uniqueness.
Dynamic Speaker
Denise is passionate about inspiring leaders to reach their full potential and remove the obstacles and self-doubt getting in their way. An in-demand speaker and emcee, Denise always wows the crowd with her engaging and thought provoking, workshop-style. Denise is often hired to speak at conferences of various sizes on topics of business, leadership, development, and Innovation. Some of her speeches include:
  • Developing Leaders while Developing Yourself
  • Women in Leadership – Creating the Life You Want
  • Strategic Change Management Done Right
  • Innovation for the 21st Century – Why your “The” is vital
  • Owning, Honing, and Loaning Your Gifts
  • Vulnerability as the key to success